SipXpose enables your team to analyze VoIP Calls and their underlying
               SIP-messages with the convenience of a webbrowser.

SipXpose is a SIP-Call Tracer composed of a very fast real-time sniffer (written in C), Database and a WEB-GUI.
On a standard 4-core 3.0GHz system, the conservative limit is 70 calls-per-second (peak), which is a network that will have about four million minutes per day!
All signaling data is recorded and displayed within seconds of its occurence in a user-friendly style, allowing your team to look into past and ongoing calls as well, in detail.

As soon as a call enters the network, several performance indicators are calculated and updated continuously with every progress change of the callstate. The bar chart, displaying channel usage over time, will assist you in understanding bandwidth requirements, etc. to customers and carrier partners.
Performance indicators like ACD, ASR, average PDD, Total Call Duration, Total Failed Calls, Calls In Progress are not calculated overall but specifically for every search criteria.

With this data you can dig out information like:
"How high is the call success rate (ASR) to GERMANY MOBILE O2 using carrier A in contrast to carrier B?"
"Does Carrier A provide a shorter PDD (post dialing delay) than Carrier B?"
"ACD (average call duration) too low? (indicating a bad speech connection)"