How to download and install SipXpose

●  x86-compatible PC running on Linux ("Ubuntu 16.04 Server" recommended)
●  min. 4GB Memory
●  connection to public internet to retrieve a free License-Key
●  "monitoring"-port on your IP network switch

By downloading, installing, or using this software, you agree to the terms and conditions of the License and Terms of Use.

Download and Installation:

Ubuntu Server 16.04 is strongly recommended
As there, you already have Mysql 5.7, and the proper PHP and Apache versions included.
During the installation process choose the installation option "LAMP Server"

●  change to the directory where you want sipxpose to be installed:
cd /usr/bin/

●  download "sipxpose2.0.2.tar":
sudo wget

●  unpack the archive:
sudo tar xvf sipxpose2.0.2.tar

●  change directory:
cd sipxpose

●  run the installation-script to create the SipXpose-Database on MySQL
sudo ./ <mysql-password>
(ignore the warnings)

you may now start the SipXpose-application:
sudo ./sipxpose <interface-number>
sudo -b ./sipxpose <interface-number>
(starts in background)

When started for the first time, the application will retrieve a free license from the license-server and store it as a file ("sipprobe.lic") in your installation-directory. The software will not run on other hardware or on a missing or invalid license-file.

Finally start your webbrowser to access the sipxpose-GUI
http://<IP-address of your sipxpose-server>