How to download and install SipXpose

●  x86-compatible PC running on Linux ("Ubuntu 16.04 Server" recommended)
●  min. 4GB Memory
●  connection to public internet to retrieve a free License-Key
●  "monitoring"-port on your IP network switch

By downloading, installing, or using this software, you agree to the terms and conditions of the License and Terms of Use.

Download and Installation:

Ubuntu Server 16.04 or 18.04 Server is strongly recommended
Then, install Mysql 5.7, Apache2 and PHP:
> sudo apt-get install mysql-server
> sudo apt-get install apache2
> sudo apt-get install php
●  reboot

●  change to the directory where you want sipxpose to be installed:
> cd /usr/bin/

●  download "sipxpose2.0.2.tar":
> sudo wget

●  unpack the archive:
> sudo tar xvf sipxpose2.0.2.tar

●  change directory:
> cd sipxpose

●  run the installation-script to create the SipXpose-Database on MySQL
> sudo ./ <mysql-password>
(ignore the warnings)

you may now start the SipXpose-application:
> sudo ./sipxpose <interface-number>
> sudo -b ./sipxpose <interface-number>
(starts in background)

When started for the first time, the application will retrieve a free license from the license-server and store it as a file ("sipprobe.lic") in your installation-directory. The software will not run on other hardware or on a missing or invalid license-file.

Finally start your webbrowser to access the sipxpose-GUI
http://<IP-address of your sipxpose-server>